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Star Auto Clinic Reviews & Testimonials
We are San Gabriel Valley and surrounding's best Mercedes Benz small high service mechanic shop! Scroll down to see why!

A list of testimonials is below! We maintain a 5 STAR rating on yelp.com for a reason. Star Auto Clinic loves Mercedes-Benz vehicles and it is all we service. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are very strong and last very long, as long as you keep up to date with scheduled maintenance. A typical Mercedes-Benz engine, with its "over-engineered" design should last at least 500,000 miles or longer provided all the components stay working together. That is why at Start Auto Clinic we only use the best original and German designed parts for your vehicle. You can be assured that your car's components (Engine, Transmission, Computer, ect.) all stay within their original factory limitations!

Looking for the best Mercedes-Benz diesel mechanic in Southern California? Look no further! We specialize in Mercedes-Benz diesel, turbo diesel, and newer Bluetec diesel models. We can bring your diesel to life by finely tuning the system for best possible performance. Joeseph, our head and master mechanic, has the best Mercedes-Benz diesel brain in the business. While most mechanics were working on gasoline engines, Joeseph was working on the diesels to fine tune their service life and performance.

Thanks for visiting and please read our testimonials from around the web below! People from ALL OVER San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, and Southern California come to us. Doesn't that speak volumes? =)
People love us on Yelp!
left quoteI have a 1983 Mercedes 300 SD Turbo Diesel and I have been going to Joseph for 2 years now for routine maintenance. When it comes to professionalism, integrity, knowledge, price, and service, look no further because Joseph is the BEST. Why!?

1) EXPERIENCED: He has over 25 years of experience with fixing Mercedes. He KNOWS what he's doing.

2) HONEST: Whenever I bring my car in, Joseph would always thoroughly explain to me where the problem is and what he will do to fix it for the lowest price. In the beginning, despite all the explaining, I was still skeptical....cuz I mean...I admit, I know very little about cars....but then I brought my guy friend who is an engineer and knows a lot about cars and even HE was blown away by Joseph's service!!

3) ORGANIZED: He keeps a file on every customer's car where he would keep track of everything that needs to be fixed. That way, when I bring my car in again, he can refer back to it. Documenting the history of my car is important just like how documenting a patient's medical history is super important! Better history taking = better service.

4) PRICE: Joseph is very reasonable. He would tell me ahead of time how much money I can expect to pay if I get something done. There's never any surprises and he never proceeds to fix anything without asking me. Being a college student and a loyal customer, he even allowed me to pay him in separate payments once because I was unable to pay everything in one sitting.

5) PROFESSIONALISM: Joseph is super nice. Sometimes when it'll take couple hours to fix my car, his wife will drive me to a starbucks so that I read/study there & then pick me up again when the car is finished. They always offer me lunch if I go in during lunch time and they're eating...! He even works past closing if that's what it takes to get the job done! They treat their customers like family. I have never met a bettttttter mechanic!

6) CONCLUSION: If you have a Mercedes and want to maintain it for years to come, go to Star Auto Clinic. You will not be disappointed. It doesn't hurt to shop around for mechanics so be sure to give them a shot.
5 Star Rating on Yelp
Rachel W., Diamond Bar, CA via Yelp.com
left quoteJoseph has maintained both of my Mercedes over the last 12 years. He does excellent work and is the most honest and reasonable Mercedes mechanic that I will trust with my cars. I have never had issues with his work and he has never done work that he feels is not needed to waste my money. I drive 37 miles one way just to have him service my vehicles. I think that says a lot.
5 Star Rating on Yelp
David B., Rowland Heights, CA via Yelp.com
left quoteI took in my 1988 300SE, and my 1984 190E Mercedes Benz into Joseph, and he did a spectacular job with my vehicles. He and his crew always give top notch customer service, are extremely helpful, and friendly. The knowledge that he has of the vehicles is phenomenal, and he always knows how to go about repairs in the most efficient and quick way. I'm always extremely satisfied with his work, and never have to come back for rechecks since he takes care of it the first time. His prices are very affordable taking into consideration that these vehicles are expensive to maintain. He is one the best mechanics I know, and fully recommend him.!
5 Star Rating on Yelp
Alfonso A., Rancho Cucamonga, CA via Yelp.com
left quoteHave you ever actually LOOKED FORWARD to going to a mechanic? Neither have I, well that is until I took my car to Star Auto Clinic and met Joseph.

First off, Joseph is very thorough when you take your car. He wants to know everything that is going on with it so he can make an informed recommendation. Btw, I should mention that his mechanic Steve was very friendly and knowledgeable as well.

Not only is Joseph very experienced (25+years), honest and fair with his prices, but he and his wife both make you feel extremely welcomed. You'll quickly forget you just met them and instantly feel like you've known them for years. I'm glad I found my go-to spot for any MB related issues.

Yup, looking forward to seeing them again.
5 Star Rating on Yelp
David V., Rowland Heights, CA via Yelp.com
left quoteJoesph and family treat you like family! He treats your car like he was a doctor treating a patient. Truly top notch service and reasonable pricing. I've brought three of my Mercedes here and always feel confident that Star Auto Clinic did a good job. They once even delivered my car to me at home when I could not get there to pick it up! Now even my father in law takes his Mercedes there. When you find a mechanic you trust and does a great job...you don't let go!
5 Star Rating on Yelp
John R., Chino Hills, CA via Yelp.com
left quoteI've been into Joseph's shop many times for repairs on my Mercedes, and he has always done a great job. His prices are affordable, reasonable, and competitive. Their work on my cars has always been very thorough, and they do the best job they possibly can. They have great customer service, are timely, and overall, very professional.
5 Star Rating on Yelp
Aide A., Los Angeles, CA via Yelp.com
left quoteJoeseph and his family have been very helpful with all of our Mercedes models in our family (Currently there are 4: A newer S class, an old 560SL, a CLK430, and a SLK230). They work on any and all Mercedes, and only Mercedes! Our cars range from the classic to the new, and every car has been reliable and great under the direction of Joeseph. They take the time out to make sure everything is running right, and know all the tools of the trade to diagnose your problem effective and efficiently. Its no wonder they've been in business for over 20 years (Since I was a baby haha) Star Auto Clinic is amazing and they have recently moved (away from the old shop at Labin Court) to a newer and better shop located here:

GO here if you want your Mercedes done right! Skip the dealer. They are criminals!
5 Star Rating on Yelp
Brandon Sugano., Arcadia, CA via Yelp.com
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